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8 Easy DIY Wooden Picture Frames – DIY Projects

Wonderful memories deserve great DIY wooden picture frames! Keep on reading to see how you can preserve your memories in the most beautiful ways!

DIY Wooden Picture Frames To Make Memories Last!

Being a teenager can be tough. We’ve all been there and we all know it too well. However, it’s precisely because teenage years are such an awkward and difficult time in a person’s life that beautiful memories are all the more cherished! For those standout splendid moments, your teens need fantastic DIY wooden picture frames! Making these rustic picture frames with your teenagers will only motivate them to make fun memories they can keep (and hang!) forever. I’ve got a handful of ideas here, so read on because I’m sure your teens will love these DIY wooden picture frame ideas!

1. Textured Picture Frame

For a really easy project, start out by upgrading DIY wooden picture frames! Adding texture can already be a big step in achieving an aesthetic value right for your teen!

2. Easy Wooden Frame

No matter what his or her personality is, your teen can’t go wrong with an easy wooden frame! This classic DIY wooden picture frame will stand the test of time. Ten years from now, your teen will look back and thank you for making this personal home project.

3. Rustic Twig Frame

Framed pictures have a special way of pinching my heart, but this rustic twig frame takes it up a notch. If you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your teen’s bedroom, this is the DIY wooden picture frame to make!

4. Picture Frame Luminaries

Teens are obsessed with light-centered aesthetics—tiny LEDs on the wall, LED strips draped on blanket forts, you name it! So, here’s a DIY wooden picture frame which goes perfectly with their light obsession! This picture frame luminary also goes well with just about any room in the house!

5. Floral Petal Frame

There are also DIY wooden picture frames for your lovely teenage girl! With just a little bit of faux petals and a classic wooden frame, you can instantly make this gorgeous floral petal frame!

6. Stylish Circle Picture Frames

Who says picture frames always need to have four sides? These stylish circle picture frames make an elegant contrast to your rectangular walls. It’s one of those DIY wooden picture frames which is fit for a sophisticated teenager on her way to becoming an adult.

7. Twine-Wrapped Picture Frame

Like I said, embellishing picture frames can already be a huge step in redefining its look. This twine-wrapped picture frame is the easiest way to add a wistful feel to your teen’s photos.

8. Popsicle Stick Frames

Is there anything easier than using popsicle sticks to make DIY wooden picture frames? You can make this one with your teens and even your younger kids! It’s definitely a good way to bond with your children. Take a picture of your quality time together and frame it right away in these popsicle stick frames!